Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)

Bruce Wayne in the later part of Smallville: Wayne.

Smallville: Wayne is a fan-fic that takes place in a universe where Bruce Wayne met up with Clark and his friends during his travels.

Changes from the Source SeriesEdit

Adam Knight

Bruce Wayne as Adam Knight.

  • Season 1 - Instead of being a pawn of Lionel Luthor, Adam Knight is an alias Bruce Wayne uses while in Smallville. Also, Clark begins a relationship with Chloe.
  • Season 2 - Bruce helps Clark in his search for the Stone of Air, introducing Blue Kryptonite three seasons earlier than originally.
  • Season 3 - Bruce aids Clark one last time up to Jonathan Kent's death before going abroad again.


Main CharactersEdit

Lana and Adam

Lana and Adam in the unrenovated Talon apartment.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Sheriff Adams

Sheriff Adams during the Dante incident.

Minor CharactersEdit

Jordan Cross

Jordan talks with the gang.