Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)2

Bruce in China.

The eighth episode of Smallville: Wayne.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit

  • Dr. Swann, Bridgette, Jonathan, and Martha get to know each other while Clark gets the Crystal of Air.
  • Bridgette explains the House of El's backstory.

Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit

  • Bridgette reveals to the Kents how she got depowered by Gold Kryptonite, mentioning it six seasons before it's revealed.
Differences from Smallville: The Last Family of KryptonEdit
  • Bruce assists Clark in finding the Crystal of Air.
  • Briana assists Margaret.
  • Blue Kryptonite is introduced three seasons earlier.
  • Chloe's conversation with Swann and Bridgette is more awkward than before.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark and Lana (Smallville)6

Clark and Lana in Shanghai.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Margaret Isobel Thoreaux

Isobel in a confrontation with Clark.


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